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Ret Ems Face Lift Muscle Firming Machine

Functions: Face Lift, Muscle Firming, Wrinkle Removal
Model: RET-Face B
Brand Name: SokingBeauty
Delivery Method:  By Air, By DHL/TNT/FEDEX/UPS Express Door To Door, By Sea.
Suitable for: Beauty salon, skin care centers, and For commercial
Delivery times: 3-7 days
Service: Provide OEM / ODM / Logo customization, and unique shapes. Professional training, product after-sales.
Product Description
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Product Description
A new magnetic face massage skin tightening machine, using PET PEH PES technology, will help your face
+30% Muscle Firming, -37% Wrinkle removal,+23% Face Lifting.
ems face lift machine
ems face lift machine
ems face lift machine
RET EMS face machine advantages:
1.  The entire treatment process is non-invasive, painless, and physically comfortable.
2. Latest technology for face: 37% wrinkle reduction, 23% face lifting effect, 30% increase in muscle tone.
3. This machine adopts the latest technology for facial lifting, with good skin firming and anti-aging effects.
4. Face patches and forehead patches can work at the same time. Easy to operate and saves treatment time.
5. Needle-free procedure that can treat facial skin and muscles in a 20-minute session.
ems face lift machine
EMS RET FACE Machine Handles:
1. 1 piece forehead patch, 1 piece chin patch, 2 pieces cheek patch, 2 pieces eye bag patch.
2. Treatment that can cover the whole face. Easy to operate and can save customers' treatment time.
ems face lift machine
The portable EMS PET FACE Machine Functions:
1. Muscle Toning: Facial muscle shaping, making the skin look more three-dimensional.
2. Reduce Wrinkles: Removing facial wrinkles, effectively remove nasolabial folds, crow's feet, and forehead wrinkles.
3. Skin Tightening: Tighten the skin and remove necklines, the face-slimming effect is very good.
4. Face Lifting: Lift and remove wrinkles on the face, making the skin firmer.
5. Anti-aging: Facial lifting and wrinkle removal can combat aging and make the skin younger.
ems face lift machine
ems face lift machine
ems face lift machine
The course of EMS RET face lifting machine treatment:
One REFACE treatment is 20 minutes. The number of treatments required depends on the desired effect, skin condition, and muscle tension. After the first treatment, most users will feel their faces pulled. The best effect will be seen within two to four weeks after the last treatment and will continue to improve in a few weeks.

How long do the effects of REFACE last?
Generally speaking, REFACE treatment is performed once every 3-5 days for a period of four
weeks, and the effect can be maintained for 6-9 months. For best results, a course of REFACE
every 2-3 months may be required to maintain good results.
For users with more severe facial sagging, more sessions of REFACE, for example, 6 sessions, may be required for optimal results.
ems face lift machine
ems face lift machine
ems face lift machine
ems ret face lift machine
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