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Newest Plasma machine for active acne removal skin regeneration anti wrinkle and skin tightening

1. Whitening,tightening and anti-wrinkle.
2. Convergence chin.
3. Contractive pore, calm, allergy,skin moisturizing.
4.Improve eye problems (eye end lines, pouch, black rim of the eye)
5.acne removal,dark cirle removal,wrinkle removal,whitening,rejuvenation,lifting,
6.double chin tightening
7.acne treatment

Treatment area: face,neck and whole body
Application: Beauty Salon, Beauty SPA, For Commercial
Plasma pen skin care machine Principle:
Plasma is an highly dissociated gas by using a new energy source - plasma, The plasma energy can instantly increase the temperature of the skin tissue to 1000 degrees Celsius. The unique heat effect stimulates the epidermis and dermis tissue, stimulates the cells to be born, repairs broken fibers, removes pigmentation, tightens anti-wrinkle, eliminates smallpox in India ,acne pits and pock . Plasma is a new non-ablation, non-invasive skin regeneration technology with high safety and short recovery period.

Advantages of Plasma Device Face Lifting Skin Care Anti Aging Acne Treatment:
1.plasma trans fer technology quickly opens the adhesion molecules (CAM) thatconnect the cells, producing amazing absorption, which is instantly absorbed by the skin injust 30 seconds.
2.Plasma energy has a strong disinfection ability, which can effectively eliminate bacteria bydestroying the molecular structure of bacteria and avoid causing various skin problems
3.The Plasma energy makes aging cells atrophy and recombine by sputtering, while inhibitingthe precipitation of melanin, making skin bright ,white and flawless.
4.Plasma energy exerts high-energy heat and pressure during transport, forms hydrogen on thesurface of the skin, and rapidly produces F-DBD fine plasma groups between skin cells, re-produces the cell membrane voltage, balances all ions in the skin structure, and lt auto-regen-erates collagen, which makes the unhealthy structure that has been damaged and affected by.

Feature of plasma pen skin care machine Plasma Device Face Lifting Skin Care Anti Aging Acne Treatment Skin Rejuvenation:
1.The plasma is different from the laser source.There is no specificchromophore. It can be used for the part.
2.Plasma forms heat from microcurrent.
3.Treating sagging parts with points can shrink as quickly as possible.Histology uses high plasma energy to instantly heal in the nipple layer to produce collagen that regenerates the skin.
4.Skin elasticity is improved by the production of new collagen.
5.The plasma achieves good results with low energy.

Product name New style plasma skin acne treatment machine for
skin whitening fibroblast plasma pen
Keywords Plasma Pen
Style Protable
Material ABS
Treatment area Face Neck Body
Technology Plasma+hot/cold hammer
Screen 8 Inch Color Touch Screen
Warranty 12 Months
Service OEM ODM
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