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newest product quantum rf skin tightening machine

Facial lifting & tightening. 
neck removal,build V face. 
shrink pores,remove eyebags, eye dark circle. 
improve eye fine line. 
butterfly sleeve tightening .
body slimming.

Treatment area: cover for all body parts
Application: Beauty Salon, Beauty SPA, For Commercial
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quantum rf anti-wrinkle machine Principle:
 Black body Quantum Vortex Radio Frequency (BQVRF): Automatic controlled layered frequency conversion radio frequency technology by quantum computation, which is transmitted to the whirlpool transmitter in a high fidelity electrical waveform and controls the frequency change of its output, selectively causes high heat in the epidermis, dermis and fascia of the skin, and induces wounds in the dermis through high heat effect. The wound healing reaction promotes the release of collagen from dermal fibroblasts and promotes the synthesis of new collagen.

Advantages of quantum rf body shaping machine:
 1.Intelligent skin tracing technology ,which can stop heating once away from skin,avoiding burns.
 2.Automatically change frequency technology , make temperature constant and balance in the  deep skin.
 3. RF energy transfer into skin by quantum speed.
 4.Highly focuse heat into smas layer ,make deeper temperature can really reach the setting  temperature but the feeling weaker.
 5.Combined with led therapy and also infrared function.
 6. Sutible for both skin and fat , one machine with multi-function.  

Features of quantum rf machine:
1) Skin-sensing automatic recognition technology
2) Sensorless quantum computing mobile detection and recognition technology
3) High fidelity waveform output technology
4) Load output automatic balancing technology
5) Quantum computing automatic control layered frequency conversion RF technology.
6) Hierarchical cell molecular friction hyperthermia
7) IR & cold light frequency conversion technology
Type Portable 
Operation System Quantum RF 
Feature Remove wrinkles,remove double chin, face lifting,weight loss.
Input AC100V~110V 50/60HZ   AC220V~230V 50/60HZ 
Size(mm) 385*430*990 
Host Packaging Size(mm) 505*420*380 
Support frame Packaging Size(mm) 505*460*975
Warranty 1 year free guarantee and lifetime technical support
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