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Portable ND YAG laser picosecond laser tattoo removal machine

Pigment removal, tattoo removal, skin whitening, skin rejuvenation, etc.

This is a popular picosecond laser machine, professional with different tips for different functions, with 755nm professional for freckle removal, 1064nm professional for tattoo removal, and 1320nm that named black doll, no pain no side effect and safety. 
Model: E-8
Main Features
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Main Features
Theory of picosecond laser: 1. The picosecond laser using the laser`s high-energy instantaneous emission, the irradiated pigment particles absorb energy instantly and break up.
2. Some of them become tiny particles and are excreted. Some of them are swallowed by human macrophages and excreted through the lymphatic system to remove pigment.
3.Professional q switched nd yag laser tattoo removal machine with 4 professional tips. 532nm laser: mainly for some deep level pigment. 755nm laser: mainly for skin whitening. 1064nm laser: mainly for some shallow pigment. 1320nm laser: another name Black face doll, mainly for clean pores, whiten, rejuvenate skin.
Portable nd yag laser tattoo removal machine with 2 colors, white and red.
And this nd yag laser machine with 10.4-inch color touch screen.
Can choose different tips on the screen then adjust.
Different languages can be offered.
Product name nd yag laser tattoo removal machine
Color Red and white
Screen 10.4 inch color touch screen
Laser wavelength 532nm,755nm,1064nm,1320nm
Frequency 1-10Hz adjusted
Pulse width 6ns
Input power 1200W
Shell material ABS plastic+metal
Language English
Supply voltage AC 220V;AC 110V(customized)
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