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High Quality 3 in 1 Cold Plasma Device Fibroblast Plasma Pen Beauty Machine

Brand Name: SokingBeauty
Function: Face eyelid lift, Skin tag & mole remover, Wrinkle removal,
Delivery Method: By Air, By DHL/TNT/FEDEX/UPS Express Door To Door, By Sea.
OEM ODM: Professional Design Services With The Most Reasonable Expense
Suitable for: Beauty salon, hospitals, skin care centers,SPA,etc ...
Delivery Time: 3~7 Days
Product Description
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Product Description
3 handles fractional plasma beauty pen for skin care.
cold ozone plasma pen
The advantages of this 3 handles plasma pen machine
1. TDDS plasma delivery technology quickly opens the adhesion molecule (CAM) that connects the cells and produces amazing absorption power.
2. Plasma energy has a strong disinfection ability, by destroying the molecular structure of bacteria, effectively eliminating bacteria and avoiding various skin problems.
3. Plasma energy causes aging cells to shrink and reorganize through the phenomenon of sputtering, while inhibiting melanin deposition, making the skin bright and flawless.
Fractional plasma is the use of specific frequency energy to produce plasma, plasma properties are active, and human skin surface
4. Plasma energy is delivered with high energy heat and pressure, forming hydrogen gas on the skin surface and generating F-DB between skin cells rapidly.
F-DBD fine plasma groups are rapidly generated between the skin cells to reproduce and adjust the normal cell membrane voltage and balance all ions in the skin structure.
All the ions, the collagen regenerates itself, so that the unhealthy structure which is already damaged, depressed, and affected by pigment control can produce an efficient self-healing effect.
It also stimulates the production of collagen and fibroblasts and prevents skin aging.
cold ozone plasma pen
cold ozone plasma pen
The plasma pen Instrument effects
1. Brighten skin tone, improve dull yellow skin, and remove pigmentation.
2. Smooth wrinkles.
3. Anti-bacterial, sterilization, anti-inflammatory, improved pore size, lipid benefit keratinization, inflammatory acne.
4. Reshape collagen, regenerate skin, improve sagging and sagging skin.

The rapid combination of bacteria, thereby destroying the bacterial structure to play an anti-inflammatory and sterilizing effect; there is TDDS plasma with non-invasive superconductivity TDDS plasma has a non-invasive superconducting effect, it can act on the adhesion molecules connecting skin cells, quickly open the cellular channel, promote the product into 10 times more penetration; at the same time stimulates the skin, promotes collagen white proliferation, achieves the repair of problematic skin, sterilization, and anti-inflammatory, and promotes product anti-aging effect.
The PLASMA system is based on atmospheric pressure plasma technology. The system can be divided into doctor-specific and tilting types, which can be used independently
or a combination of both, and can be used effectively on the upper face, lower eyelids, wrinkles, scars, skin inflammation, wound healing and Drug absorption.
cold ozone plasma pen
Instrument Principle
Plasma is the fourth state after solid, liquid and gas, consisting of ions and electrons, an ionized gas with electrical energy.
Space plasma releases electrical energy, using plasma conduction technology to open the mucous membrane molecular principle of skin cells, inducing and changing the position of ions, allowing them to pass freely through the cells.
The release of electrical energy from space plasma uses plasma conduction technology to open the mucous membrane molecules of skin cells, inducing and changing the position of ions, allowing them to pass freely through the cell membrane. When the voltage of the cell membrane increases, it helps the cell to generate tension, so that the cations on the inside and outside of the cell membrane are misaligned.
The cation misalignment on the inner and outer side of the cell membrane is corrected and the membrane potential returns to a balanced state, allowing the cell to return to normal operation, regenerating the skin and strengthening the resistance of the skin tissue.
Skin regeneration, skin tissue resistance. It can effectively improve the surface tissue of the skin and treat acne and scars without destroying the cells,
antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, acne, wrinkle improvement, collagen cell regeneration, increase skin elasticity, whitening and brightening, improve sagging skin, etc.
It is effective.
cold ozone plasma pen
cold ozone plasma pen
Specifications of the plasma beauty pen
Product Name Lattice Plasma Trinity
Handle Configuration 3 Handles
Maximum numberof lattice 5x5
Screen size 10.4 inches
Power 25w
Power Supply AC110V~240V 50Hz/60Hz
Weight 12.16KG
Size L40*H40*W39cm

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