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Physio Magneto Technology Extracorporeal Magnetic Transduction Therapy Pain Relief Physiotherapy Magnetolith Machine

Functions: Pain Relief, Physio rehabilitation treatment
Treatment area: body, legs, arms, 
Model: V90
Brand Name: SokingBeauty
Delivery Method: Express Door To Door
Suitable For: For Commercial, Beauty Salon use, Beauty clinic
product description
product description
Physio Magneto Technology Extracorporeal Magnetic Transduction Therapy Pain Relief Physiotherapy Magnetolith Machine
Physio Magneto equipment
Extracorporeal magneto-transduction therapy (EMTT) is a noninvasive, non-invasive treatment method that offers new options in rehabilitation and regeneration. Painful areas of the body are treated with high-energy magnetic pulses. The therapy system builds up a voltage of between 15 and 30 kV within fractions of a second. The generated energy is transferred to the body areas via the treatment loop. The pulse intensity penetrates cell membranes and manages to become therapeutically effective in the cell. Depending on the setting, the impulses penetrate up to 18 cm deep into the tissue, so that deeper tissue layers are also reached. Since the individual impulses are of short duration, there is no increase in temperature in the tissue.

Extracorporeal magneto-transduction therapy is used in various fields, including degenerative joint diseases, and degenerative tendon diseases, as pain therapy, to accelerate healing in bone fractures and sports injuries. Excellent results are also achieved in overuse syndromes, bone edema, stress fractures, and inflammation of the pubic bone (so-called osteitis pubis). It is also an ideal complement to extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT).

Advantages of Extracorporeal Magnetic Therapy:
1. As a non-invasive touch-free technology, it provides an unprecedented level of patient comfort while delivering powerful and effective results.
2. Patients do not need to undress for treatment sessions.
3. has a broad range of applications for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions.
4. Magnetolith equipment has an articulated arm to allow for hands-free treatment.
5. Therapy sessions are short, lasting from 5-20 minutes.
6. Physio Magneto is easy to maintain and inexpensive to operate.
7. Hands-free: Effective fatigue-free work for the user, Applicator positioning by hand or flexible holding arm.
Physio rehabilitation machine
Pain Relief Physiotherapy Machine
Extracorporeal Magnetic Therapy enhances the effectiveness of ESWT in the following ways:
1. Reduces inflammation to allow for better penetration of shock waves
2. Improves joint ligaments, cartilage, and fluids
3. Activates cellular metabolism in the target region
4. Revitalizes damaged cells * Instigates cellular healing
5. Reduces inflammation to enhance muscle firing capabilities
6. Expands the area of treatment * Enhances physical therapy outcomes
7. Gives immediate therapeutic results * Facilitates ultrasound-guided regenerative injections
physical therapy equipment for legs
physiotherapy equipment for sale
Physio rehabilitation machine
Physio Magneto magnetolith machine
physiotherapy magnetolith machine
Pain Relief Physiotherapy Machine
Technology EMTT Physical Magnetic magnetolith machine
Frequency 1000-3000Hz
Function back pain relief ,rehabilitation,sport injury recovery
Performance of the field 92T/S
Field Strength at 4cm distance 0.4T
Field strength at the coil 4T
Penetrate depth 18CM
Water cooling system Water 2.5L
Voltage 100 - 240V 50/60 HZ
Package Alu box and Carton box
Dimension 66*60*49 CM
Warranty 1 year for host machine, 6 months for spare parts
After-sales Service Provided Online support, Video technical support
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