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Skin Analysis hydra dermabrasion machine

best 7 IN 1 Intelligent Ice Blue hydra dermabrasion machine With Skin Analysis Diagnosis, skin scrubber, ion Bubble pen, ion spray gun pen, ultrasound, gold rf, cold hammer System.
Main Features
Product Details
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Main Features
Professional skin care products are recommended. Based on accurate diagnosis results, only suitable skin care products can be analyzed and recommended.
10 million-megapixel macro camera, 8- 12 seconds to complete a single shot, 3 spectrum sampling technology, effectively reaches deep skin problems; high-resolution. high-definition diagnosis of eight-dimensional analysis of skin problems.
Customer grading customer personal file maintenance, personalized tracking service private customized beauty care plan, push professional skincare products Integrated skin detection+skin management.
Features of hydra dermabrasion machine
1. Face registration, diagnosis result storage cloud.
2. Comprehensive fixed-point detection, covering 99.9% of the face.
3. Visual reports to improve the efficiency of interpretation.
4. Private customized beauty care plan, related products in store.
Product Details
10.1 inch computer touch screen, easy to operate,
Visual report to improve the efficiency of interpretation and is more professional, improve the trust of clients.
Multi-device real-time interconnection, mobile APP control.
Comprehensive skin care with 6 probes according to a private customized beauty care plan.
1. camera
2. skin scrubber handle
3. ion Bubble pen
4. ion spray gun pen
5. ultrasound head
6. gold rf head
7. cold hammer
private customized different machine colors.
Product name
7 IN 1 Intelligent Ice Blue hydra dermabrasion machine
Vacuum range 700mmHg
Output control Touch screen & handle switch
Gold RF Fast response multipole
(energy level 10 adjustment)
Electrophoresis 1MHZ (energy level 10 adjustment)
Ultrasound 1MHZ (energy level 10 adjustment)
Cold hammer Water-cooled & air-cooled
(energy level 10 adjustment)
High-frequency scrubber 25KHZ (energy level 10 adjustment)
Ion Spray Gun Pen 2000mmHg
Interface 10.1 inch computer touch screen
Input voltage 110-240V 50-60HZ 150AV
Package Size 51*39.5*62cm
Gross weight 12.5KG
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