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Wholesale diode laser hair regrowth machine

reduce hair loss, hair regrowth

Treatment area: head
Application: Beauty Salon, Beauty SPA, For Commercial
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Japan imported diode laser hair regrowth machine principle:
Laser Hair Therapy is a non-chemical, non-invasive treatment that is being used commonly for the treatment of hair loss.
LLLT (low level laser therapy) is delivered by a device that contains panels of lasers that shine on the scalp. It is high-end laser hair loss treatment system, based on 660nm low level diode laser technology.
The therapeutic light-energy is absorbed by the cells and the process of cell repair begins, it stimulates the production of
energy at the cellular level, therefore, improving cell function. Low Level Lasers are referred to as "cold" lasers because they 
do not release energy in the form of heat. The light wavelength emitted from a low level laser actually will repair tissues that
have impaired cellular metabolism by stimulating blood circulation, encouraging regeneration of normal healthy tissues.
Advantages of diode laser hair regrowth machine:
* Increase the amount of blood flowing to the top of the scalp by up to 55% to promote hair growth in the hair follicle.
* Stop hair loss in 85% of patients regulates sebaceous gland activity, for people with overly dry or oily scalp.
* Repair damaged hair shafts, increase the thickness of individual hairs by up to 25% per hair providing much thicker and fuller
* Enhance your image and enhance your confidence;
* Decreases recovery time when used in conjunction with hair transplants.
Feature of 650nm Diode Laser Hair Regrowth machine:
1. Specific 650nm/660nm red laser light can penetrate deeply into hair root,without hurting hair or skin due to cold laser technology.
2. Suitable for all skin/hair types,clinical hair treatment.
3. Large treatment area shortens treatment time.
4. Painless,comfortable,non-invasive,very safe,no need of special care after treatment.
5. Faster and better treatment results than LED beauty machine.
6. 260pcs diode lasers are well distributed in 4 treatment panels to ensure uniform and stable irradiation on treatment area.
Wavelength 660nm
Treatment Panel 4pcs
Diode Laser Lamps 260pcs
Power Light 0 – 140mw(adjustable)
Light Color Red(660nm +/- 5nm)
Treatment Area 170mm*170nm*4
Working Mode Continuous Mode and Pulse Mode
Touch Screen 10.2 inch touch screen
Cooling Requirements Air cooled
Voltage AC 110 – 240V, 50/60Hz
Package Size 115cm*65cm*52cm
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