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OEM ODM Fractional RF Microneedle Machine for sale

Functions: Stretch Marks Removal, Wrinkle Removal, Acne Treatment, Face Lift
Model: SKR-06
Brand Name: SokingBeauty
Technology: fractional rf microneedle
Suitable for: Beauty Salon, Skin Care Centers, and For Commercial.
Delivery times: 3-7 days
Service: Provide OEM / ODM / Logo customization, and unique shapes.
Professional training, product after-sales.
Product Description
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Product Description
Fractional RF Microneedle Stretch Mark Removal Face Lift Skin Rejuvenation Wrinkle Remover
rf microneedling machine
How does the microneedle fractional RF machine work?
Fractional RF needle system through the special design of many fractional needlepoint arrays, the high-speed digital motor controls order through the epidermis, by the end of lattice needle release RF, stimulating collagen and elastic tissue, not thermal damage to skin layer potential. When skin tissues are through this process, the epidermal layer is safe, RF energy can well to penetrate the dermis well and stimulate collagen protein hyperplasia, which is not only the best way to improve scars but also the long-term tightening of skin wrinkles by the good method.
rf microneedling machine professional
rf microneedling
microneedle fractional rf machine cost
Advantages of RF Microneedle Machine:

1. Gold Plated Needles. The needle is durable and also has high Biocompatibility by applying Gold Plating. Patients with mental allergies could also use it without concern of Contact Dermatitis.
2. Precise Depth Control.Operates epidermis layer and dermis layer by Controlling the needle depth.
3. Safety Needle System.Sterilized disposable needle tip.
4. Elaborate Needle Thickness. The needle structure makes it easy to penetrate the skin with minimum resistance.
fractional rf microneedle machine price
fractional rf microneedle machine for sale
The Machine Comes with 4 Sizes of Needle Cartridges for Different Treatment Areas
rf microneedling fractional machine
rf microneedling machine professional

Functions of the fractional rf microneedle machine:

1. Anti-wrinkle, firming the skin, improving pseudo wrinkles, dissolving fat, shaping, and lifting.
2. Rapidly improve the dull and lusterless symptoms, enhance dry skin and sallow complexions, brighten the skin, and make it more tender.
3. Actively promote facial lymph circulation, and solve the problem of skin edema.
4. Lifting and tightening the skin, effectively solving the problem of facial sagging, shaping delicate faces, and repairing stretch marks.
5. Removing eye bags and wrinkles around the eye.
6. Shrinking the pores, repairing blain scars, and calming skin.
rf microneedling machine for body
rf microneedling machine 42 pin
rf microneedling machine stretch marks

rf microneedling fractional machine price
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