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coo tech cryotherapy machine with lipo laser and cavitation rf

This is a new machine with multi-functions for whole-body fat reduction, like stubborn fat, edema fat, deep fat, and cellulite fat.
Main Features
Product Details
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Main Features
360° cryo handles for whole-body fat reduce and every 4 handles can work together.
5 cryo handles are all 360°,with Silica gel handle that no pain.
The multi-machine can for stubborn fat, edema fat, deep fat, and cellulite reduce 26% fat cell, about 3-5 cm and 4-8kg for one-course treatment.
Through cooling technology, triglyceride in fats will be converted into solid in particular low temperature. Through the normal metabolic processes to decrease the fat layer and achieve the purpose of partially melting fat.
Product Details
10.4-inch color touch screen.
Each function with its own screen.
English and Spanish are set by default, and multiple languages can be set.
Working head
With 5pcs cryo handles+cavitation+body RF+face RF+Lipolaser
360° handles, can for more fat cells,
Every 4 handles can work together, for the whole body or different customers,
For fat reduction and body shaping 2 in 1.
Fat reduction and body shaping Use cavitation to break big fat cells to small, then use cryotherapy to kill it, later use lipo laser to speed up the metabolism and discharge of fat, last use body RF to shaping, Also can use face RF during the cryotherapy, save more time.
Handle control method  Touch Large cryo handle size  1# 195*85mm
 2# 210*90mm
 3# 215* 100mm
 4# 230* 105mm
Screen size  10.4 Small cryo handle size  1# 140*70mm
 2# 155*80mm
 3# 165*90mm
Handle screen size  4.5  Double chin handle size  80*40mm
Handle material  Silicon Pressure output  0.08MPa
Handle temperature -10C/+45C Cavitation head frequency  40KHz
Refrigeration method Water cycle Laser power  100mw/pcs
RF face 3MHz Laser wavelength 650nm
RF frequency 5MHz Number of laser lights 72PCS
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