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Vertical professional Cryo HIFU face Lift Skin Tightening Machine

Functions: Face Lift, Skin Tightening, Wrinkle Removal
Model: V16
Brand Name: SokingBeauty
Delivery Method:  Express Door To Door
Suitable for: Beauty salon, Beauty Spa, skin care centers.
Product Description
Product Description
Professional hifu machine for body and face
hifu machine for face professional
The Cryo HIFU face skin tightens theory: 
Face Queen mainly use the principle of sound waves' high-energy focus (ultrasonic principle) to focus energy at one point, rapidly penetrates the epidermis, fat layer, fascia layer, forms mesh condensation point in fascia layer, stimulates tissue contraction, and regenerates collagen. It will have two effects, one is an immediate effect, it will immediately show the effect of 10% to 30% after the operation. Another is a regenerative effect, namely collagen regeneration. Focusing ultrasound technology, with a focus temperature of about 65 to 70, is the most suitable for collagen regeneration. Simultaneously the circulation cooling system operates on the skin surface, users will feel comfortable and achieve the effect of skin tightening in the cold, safe and comfortable conditions.
hifu machine for face and body
Application of Popular Ultra Facial cryo shape skin tighten: 
1. Wrinkles removal, aging collagen repair, and new collagen regeneration acceleration. The effect of wrinkle removal is obvious in areas like the eyes, forehead, cheeks, and chin also helps to enhance the overall relaxation profile.
2. Anti-aging, the skin becomes delicate and smooth.
3. Skin tightening, It is obvious for eyelids drooping, tightening chin skin relaxation.
4. Erase dim dull, rough and other signs of aging, reproduce healthy and beautiful skin.
hifu machine
hifu machine for body
hifu machine for face body professional
hifu machine for body and face professional
hifu face lifting machine
hifu machine body
hifu face lifting machine
Product Name Cryo HIFU machine

Ambient temperature range

86.0kPa ~ 106.0kPa;
Network power fuse F10AL250V
Ultrasound frequency 4MHZ

Operating mode

continuous operation
voltage AC: 110V-240V. 50Hz 60Hz
Relative humidity range ≤80%;
 Depth of focus


Ultrasonic output mode

high-energy focusing

Instrument dimensions (length * width * height): 

614 × 508 × 1400 (mm)

Shell protection


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